Gold mining
Gold is spread all over the planet, but where does it come from? Every single continent on Earth has a deposit of gold, and almost every single one has current mining operations on it to procure it. Where exactly is it coming from though? Being able to immediately rule out […]

Which Countries Mine Earth’s Gold For Us?

While the current economic situation of the past few years has brought uncertainty, bullion art bars have brought a unique sense of protection. With investors turning more to precious metals to protect investment portfolios, bullion bars have seen a drastic increase in value. Even more so, “art bars” have seen […]

What Are Art Bars?

Gold bullion
You are ready to invest in precious metals, and have been reading up on all of the spot prices. You have print outs for gold, print outs for silver, and every spot price for every precious metal in between. Except when you arrive to physically purchase the precious metal you […]

Spot Price VS Physical Price

Two of the most important pieces of your precious metal investment are the assay and the certificate of authenticity (COA). Both of these materials are a form of protection against fraud, and to ensure that the market is accurately represented. Assays and COAs protect everybody. An assay is an analysis […]

What Are Assays & Certificates Of Authenticity?

Cultures throughout the history of the world have long prized gold, uniting them against language divides and time. It conducts electricity, doesn’t tarnish, is easily drawn into wires or hammered into sheets, can be melted, fused with other minerals, and can be made into heavily detailed shapes. Previously we have […]

The Many Uses Of Gold, Part 4

Gold dealer
How much gold is there in the world? The price of gold is driven by supply and demand, and this is based on the actual amount of gold supply. If there were a flood of gold on the market, it would be worth less than if there remained a small […]

How Much Gold Is There on Earth?