Two of the most important pieces of your precious metal investment are the assay and the certificate of authenticity (COA). Both of these materials are a form of protection against fraud, and to ensure that the market is accurately represented. Assays and COAs protect everybody. An assay is an analysis […]

What Are Assays & Certificates Of Authenticity?

While gold is mostly bought for investment purposes these days, gold is also an incredibly fun precious metal. It’s not just something that can be used as economic protection, even though you will find it in most government repositories the world over. From conducting electricity to being the easiest method […]

Fun Facts About Gold

American Buffalo Gold Coin
Welcome to another installment of our Featured Coin series. Here on the blog, we’ve discussed some of history’s most significant and popular gold coins, ranging from the Krugerrand to the Israeli Shekel. Today, we take a look at a newcomer to the party, a relatively young, yet prominent coin that’s […]

Featured Coin: The American Gold Buffalo