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Silver bars can be a clever enhancement to any type of financier’s portfolio. Financiers should think about a number of factors. Dimensions of Silver Bars Silver bars can be found in numerous weights and also sizes. Generally, silver bars are sold in troy ounces, with conventional dimensions of 1 oz., […]

6 Things to Think About When Buying Silver Bars

    As the legend goes, an adventurous child was playing alongside a creek thousands of years ago. He stopped to wash his hands in the creek, and noticed something strange. It was a glimmering rock protruding from the riverbed. Picking it up, he had no idea he’d just made […]

Coins or Bars? The Buyer’s Guide

  Does knock-off culture apply to gold? Sadly, it does. There isn’t a living, breathing adult in the country unaware of our country’s relationship with China. Our production and manufacturing jobs are there, and nobody owns more of America’s debt than China. On one hand, China’s assumption of our industrial […]

Should You Fear Fake Gold Coins & Bars?