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Gold is now at a four year all-time low following the latest stumble down to the price of $1,160 an ounce over the last week. This puts the price over production costs for many of the mines operating in South Africa, including the famous Harmony Gold Mining, and puts many […]

Gold Mines Losing Money After Latest Gold Price Stumble

All of the major precious metals, gold, silver, and platinum, have fallen in value. This has prompted a five-year-high cut in the overall demand, which has taken out 1.7 billion dollars in value. Both gold and silver have taken severe hits, even as the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index climbed as […]

Precious Metals Drop $1.5 Billion In Value

Not too long ago, it seemed that gold futurists were worrying about the effects of a $1,200 gold market could have on the gold market. Now, faced with prices that are rapidly approaching $1,100, analysts are painting a much grimmer picture of the future of gold prices than before. While […]

What $1,100 Gold Could Bring To The Market

  Before Krugerrands were even thought of, Austria used to produce a large gold coin: the One Hundred Coronas.  These were issued between 1908 and 1914, bearing the date of their issue.  In typical Austrian tradition, after the death of Franz Josef I in 1916, official restrikes were issued as […]

Austrian 100 Coronas In New York

Silver prices have taken a hit this week, leaving silver prices at their lowest rate relative to gold in over five years. This has led many consumers, both new and experienced, to buy silver in bars and coins at a pace that has actually left some retailers unable to meet […]

Low Silver Prices Sends Global Market Into Coin And Bar ...