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Dollar Reaches 3-Week High on Central Bank Green Light By Lukanyo Mnyanda and Andrea Wong Oct 30, 2014

Bloomberg Reports Dollar Reaches 3-week High on Central Bank Greenlight

There is a lot of talk about the best kinds of investments that can be made today. Some people insist on taking safe investment portfolios while others insist on playing the market to earn their fortune. However, too many people are neglecting a tried and true form of investment: gold. […]

The Top Reasons Why Every New Investor Should Explore Gold

The year is coming to a close once again as we rapidly approach what is typically seen as the worst time to buy and sell gold and silver. However, many investors, both old and new, have recently begun to ask themselves why October is seen as the time of year […]

Buying Gold And Silver In October: Why There Is Nothing ...

Rapid Information Dissemination It’s no secret that smart phone technology coupled with portable internet devices such as laptops and tables have changed how we invest our money. You are now able to trade commodities at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger. Long gone are the […]

How New Technology Is Changing How We Hedge With Silver