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  Other Issues with Gold as an Investment This article complements the first four and offers further thoughts which weren’t quite appropriate to any of the previous articles. For example, where should you store your gold? A safe deposit box is a good place, but it is not FDIC insured, […]

Investing in Gold – Other Issues with Gold as an ...

  Selling Gold Gold is best approached (as with most investments) as a long-term investment. The gold price fluctuates on a daily basis, and it is difficult, unless you own quite a bit of gold, to make money off of these daily, weekly, or even monthly shifts. The gold price […]

Investing in Gold – Selling Gold

  Gold jewelry is an object, like antiques with gold parts, or rare coins, which have value above their gold content. Jewelry from a well-known, quality designer will tend to increase in value, and maintain a value greater than its gold content. If you have plenty of money to spend, […]

Investing in Gold Jewelry

  So you’ve decided to invest in gold. The very first thing you’ll need to do is check the gold price. Many websites list the gold price, some for that day, others up to the minute. Bullion Trading LLC lists the gold and silver prices on their respective pages on […]

Investing in Gold – Buying Gold

  While gold has gotten some gains due to geopolitical unrest and news from the Fed, the same cannot be said for silver. With a weak showing over the last few months, many people are concerned that this could be a sign that gold’s market strength will not last either. […]

Silver Prices Become More Detached From Gold