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In our previous articles, Bullion Trading has made mention of how gold has been valuable since the days of the world’s earliest civilizations.  Perhaps then it should be no surprise that in the Middle East, the cradle of human civilization, bullion is currently being embraced as “Real Money.”  Iran has […]

Iran Shines a New Light on Trade

A major case of gold fraud has just been reported and is breaking news right now. In an earlier article entitled “Beware of Fake Gold,” Bullion Trading LLC reported about a similar story: a 1-kg gold bar that had already been certified as 99.98% pure by X-ray fluorescent tests turned […]

Nationwide Crime Alert

american eagle gold coin
  It’s bizarre to think that there are websites out there that “cyber melt” your gold bullion, but it’s true.  Among the Internet’s many tools, you can now calculate the scrap value of your gold item with up-to-the-minute trading prices.  And, like most things on the Internet, this can be […]

Value of Gold