Daily Archives: November 14, 2012

  Bullion Trading LLCis here to assist you.  As you start your venture into buying gold, the single biggest question that will determine the direction of your pre-sale research should be if you are a collector or an investor.  This will obviously greatly affect how you proceed with your purchase […]

Are You a Collector Or an Investor?

In the Gold Bullion market, one already infested with scams, there is now a new problem, which may be the worst case of fraud I have ever known in this market: a 1-kg gold bar that had already been certified as 99.98% pure by X-ray fluorescent tests has turned out […]

Beware of Fake Gold

“The run on gold has less to do with performance than it does with helplessness.” So says Franz Herrmann, president of the German Association of Savers, and he makes an excellent point.  Bullion Trading LLC has seen its share of customers coming to us in moments of helplessness regarding their […]

Germany Turns To Gold

Gold bullion may be great for your investments, but sadly it can be devastating to the environment. The gold mining industry is known for being wasteful and damaging and Bullion Trading LLC would like to bring attention to this. It requires twenty tons of mine waste to manufacture a single […]

Go Green Gold!

One day a friend of mine came to my office at Bullion Trading LLC.  He informed me that he was doing business with someone offering to sell him a bag full of Krugerrands. He handed me one and asked me if it was real. There are multiple ways to check […]

How Can You Know If Gold is Fake or Real?