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In a market infested with scams now there is a new problem, which may be the worst case of fraud I have ever known in this market: a 1-kg gold bar that had already been certified as 99.98% pure by X-ray fluorescent tests has turned out to be fake! To […]

Buy Gold & Beware of Fake Gold

In previous articles, we have made mention of how gold has been valuable since the days of the world’s earliest civilizations.  Perhaps then it should be no surprise that in the Middle East, the cradle of human civilization, gold is currently being embraced as the “Real Money.”  Iran has turned […]

Iran Shines a New Light on Trade

We’ve already discussed Austria’s famous gold coin, the Philharmonic, but the 1915 Corona 100, though no longer minted, is an important piece of history. The Austrian Mint first unveiled these coins in 1892 as legal tender. The reverse depicts the coat of arms of Austria superimposed over a crowned Imperial […]

1915 Austrian Coronas

The recent Federal Open Market Committee meeting has not been very helpful for gold. The increase in liquidity programs and decline of bond buying programs did not speak heavily for gold’s future and investors have begun to stay away from the metal, allowing the trading price to go down to […]

FOMC and the Aftermath

“The run on gold has less to do with performance than it does with helplessness.” So says Franz Herrmann, president of the German Association of Savers, and he makes an excellent point.  Now, perhaps more than ever before in recent history, the public is harboring a strong distrust against the […]

Germany Turns To Gold