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2011 has been a unique year for gold, with the value reaching record highs and now experiencing a price pullback.  Some economists are even going so far as to say that “gold is dead.”  Dennis Gartman has made public his decision to sell all gold, and even predicts the market […]

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Those looking to get into silver bars will quickly learn of two company names: Englehard and Johnson Matthey.  Many investors will ask only for one of these two types of bars.  Fortunately, Bullion Trading LLC carries both.  These bars are one hundred ounces .999 fine silver (99.9% pure).  Unlike coins, […]

100 oz Englehard & JM Bars

Next up, let’s discuss the United States’ own gold coin: the Eagle. In 1986, the American Eagle was first minted as a direct response to the immense popularity of the South AfricanKrugerrand, which had just experienced a ban by congress in international sales.  The Eagle sported Lady Liberty as its […]

American Eagle Gold Coin

We’ve already discussed all that goes into selling gold and silver, but now you have to decide whether or not to use the benefit of the Internet. While the Internet’s reputation for providing honest business has proven to be less than favorable, one cannot deny how convenient it is. Ideally, […]

Selling Gold or Silver Online

Gold may be great for your investments, but sadly it can be devastating to the environment. The gold mining industry is known for being wasteful and damaging. It requires twenty tons of mine waste to manufacture a single gold ring. Furthermore, as the demand for gold goes up, miners are […]

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