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Before Krugerrands, Maple Leaf and American Eagles, were ever thought of, Austria used to produce a large gold coin, theOne Hundred Coronas. These were issued between 1908 and 1914, bearing their date of issue.  In typical Austrian tradition, after the death of Franz Joseph in 1916, official restrikes were issued […]

Gold Austrian 100 Coronas coin

I recently came across a blog article entitled “7 Reasons To Hate Gold As an Investment.”  I was really amazed to be reading some of the flawed arguments presented and felt this was yet another sad case of misinformation being spread about the gold market.  I can easily retort to […]

7 Reasons To Hate Gold As an Investment – Debunked ...

One of the most bizarre stories I’ve ever known has just recently happened in Bergenfield, NJ. A man visited a local merchant with a bag of one hundred and sixty Morgan silver coins. The merchant, claiming to have looked on the Internet for comparable prices, gave the man for $1,200 […]

Be aware of: Fake Silver!

Several different companies manufacture or hallmark, gold bars. The more popular hallmarks are: Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey, Englehard and Produits Artistiques de M’taux Pr’cieux (PAMP). The total weight of this bar is 32.15 oz of .9999 purity. In the past, metric technique weight bars have not been popular; however, the […]

Gold Kilo Bars