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One day a friend of mine came to my office.  He informed me that he was doing business with someone offering to sell him a bag full of Krugerrands. He handed me one and asked me if it was real. There are multiple ways to check if gold is fake […]

How can you find out if the gold is fake ...

There are five main resources for purchasing gold today: Craigslist, Online Bullion Traders, local coin shops, Ebay, and Amazon. Today we’re going to discuss Craigslist. It’s pretty easy to see the draw of a service like Craigslist: it’s a simple exchange between you and the seller with no middle-man. And […]

Places To Avoid Purchasing Gold: Craigslist

Just how bad of an idea is it to use Ebay for purchasing gold or silver? Let me put it this way: when even Ebay discourages users from this practice, that’s a pretty bad sign. Ebay features an entire page describing the risks of being used for selling and/or buying […]

The Dangers of Buying Gold On Ebay

Purchasing gold and silver bullion comes with its own risks and pitfalls. One of the biggest is over-paying. Sadly, many dealers are sneaky or not upfront about their fees and commissions. This is, again, another reason why this business should never be done over the phone or Internet alone; a […]

Fear of Over-Paying and what the one should really be ...